Margaret D. Kelsey, Ph.D.

Margaret D. Kelsey, Ph.D.
Margaret D. Kelsey, Ph.D.

Kelsey Psychological Services | Originally from Syracuse, N.Y., Peg received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Tulsa, traineeship from the Tulsa Psychiatric Center and internship from the Wichita Collaborative Psychology Internship Program. She has four children and has lived in Japan, the Philippines and several different states, always moving west.

Peg’s main focus in her work is to help people realize new possibilities. This often requires identifying and becoming free from what is blocking forward movement and could include issues of abuse, dissociation, anxiety and depression. Or, it might be more about identifying and working with a person’s creative force and resources to allow them to go forward. In the past few years, Peg has received training as a HeartMath 1:1 provider and an Ontological Coach. Both of these modalities fit well with her philosophy of helping people to get unstuck, stand in their own power and move forward.

Working with couples and other relationship problems is another area of interest for Peg. This includes working with intrapsychic issues of depression and self esteem in addition to the dynamics of the relationships.

With a nursing background, Peg brings a holistic approach to her work in mental health. Her therapy style values the person and supports the belief in each person’s ability to solve their own problems. Her focus is on having people recognize their own strengths and help them reconnect with their resources to create a life of deep meaning.


Adults & Couples
Grief & Loss
Ontological Coaching
Relationship Issues
Appointments with Peg can be arranged by calling Psychological Associates at (605) 348-6500.