Release of Information Form

Release of Information Form

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Online Form Submission

I give permission to disclosemy health and mental health care information between:


INFORMATION TO BE DISCLOSED(includes verbal exchange)

Purpose of Disclosure

Expiration Date


I understand that I may revoke this authorization in writing at any time except to the extent that action has been taken based on this authorization.


  1. I authorize the above facility to disclose information as noted above.
  2. I understand it is possible that sensitive information such as alcohol and drug usagemay be released.
  3. I understand that once the information is disclosed, it may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient and may no longer be protected.
  4. I understand that this authorization is voluntary and I may refuse to sign.
  5. I also understand that unless allowed by law, my refusal to sign will not affect my ability toobtain treatment, receive payment, or eligibility for benefits.
  6. I understand that the exchange of information may include electronic transmissions.