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Black Hills Learning Solutions

Do you or your child struggle with reading and writing?


Does your child struggle with schoolwork?

If you or your child struggles with learning or reading, Learning Solutions offers a reason for new hope.

Learning Solutions offers an intensive 12-18 week one-on-one cognitive training program, not academic tutoring. Learning Difficulties are most often caused by underdeveloped cognitive processing skills.

Does it seem to take him an excessive amount of time to finish a fairly simply task? Are the tutoring and reading recovery classes not having the impact you had hoped? If you're like millions of parents across the country, you want to help but don't know how.

Oftentimes, formal tutoring or just a little extra support is all it takes to get your child on track. In other circumstances, it seems that increased focus on academics only increases the frustration level - for yourself and your child.

If you're searching for answers about why your child may seem unable to learn at the expected rate for his age, you're in the right place.

Boy doing homework

There are 4 commonly given reasons why children have difficulty learning:

1. A lack of instruction or poor instruction. If tutoring and additional homework does not quickly solve the problem, this is probably not the cause of your child's difficulties.
2. A lack of motivation. Motivation is seldom the reason for difficulty when a child first starts school, but with continual struggle and failure with academic work, most children lose their motivation and start to avoid hard tasks. This avoidance then adds to learning problems.
3. Heredity. Heredity does play a role in learning difficulties, but it is generally believed that between 40% and 70% of our mental abilities are learned, not inherited. Therefore, we can accomplish far more if we stop blaming the problems on genes, which we can't change, and start helping enhance the skills that are learned and can be changed.
4. A lack of underlying learning skills. If learning problems cannot quickly be resolved with a little extra tutoring, then usually there are deficiencies in the underlying learning skills required to make learning easy, efficient, and fast.

Learning Solutions can help

When deficient processing skills exist, a specialized program can be developed to strengthen skills required for accurate, speedy, and efficient learning. At Learning Solutions, we conduct intensive and carefully sequenced one-on-one activities to remove roadblocks to learning.

The program we follow to strengthen these skills is called PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement). Unlike other learning programs that focus on behavior management or specific academic skills, PACE improves the brain's processing ability. The program does for mental abilities what exercise does for the body.

Research shows that unless a child's learning problems are addressed, they may affect the child's self-esteem and behavior and ultimately reduce the child's future potential earning power by as much as 75 percent.

Review the list below for symptoms that may indicate a need to strengthen your child's fundamental underlying learning skills:

  • Easily distracted
  • Takes a lot of time to complete homework
  • Difficulty remembering
  • Fails to complete tasks
  • Difficulty taking notes form teacher or blackboard
  • Needs to have instructions repeated
  • Frustration when studying
  • Makes "careless errors"
  • Problems sounding out words
  • Difficulty comprehending while reading
  • Completes written work slowly
  • Makes reversals
  • Avoids complicated work

To find out how we can help, please give us a call at 605-716-2929. This is your powerful first step to enhance you or your child's ability to learn and read.